Super Material Contains Recursing Fractal Molecules

504887_98588221New research by an Estate assisted research laboratory has resulted in the creation of a new super material that rebuilds itself in a miniature fractal pattern. This new material mimics the shape of a target object that is placed in the path of a tightly controlled electromagnetic frequency and then aimed at the material. The echo of the object is transmitted to the material, which forms and reforms the shape over and over with only slight variations in size, building off of each other and becoming cohesive at different mass points.

Most amazing about this new material is that the duplications are apparent at the molecular level, with each molecule bending its shape slightly to mimic the shapes of the molecules in the target object. The material was created based off of theories proposed by Dr. Miller Scheinerson regarding quantum level replication patterns. It is currently being duplicated for a peer review audience and going through the patent process.