Morrison Fellowship Prize Winner – Stewart Wolke

StewartWolkeThe most recent winner of the Morrison Fellowship Prize is Stewart Wolke, a propulsion engineer currently studying at the University of Santa Monica. Stewart’s department was unable to provide him the funding to test theories he had on pressure stabilization in zero G space. He used the Morrison Fellowship Prize he received, in conjunction with laboratories provided by the Estate Foundation, to test new pressurization techniques. These were eventually transferred to the ISS and reduced oxygen loss by 32%.

Wolke’s research efforts have continued to show great results. His most recent project is taking the material used in his last breakthrough to create a new pressure system and material that will be used in space suits and diving suits. Capable of withstanding incredible temperatures and self healing in case of leaks, the new material may one day make extra planetary colonization a reality.

Image by Fodor -

The MIR sattelite, ready to be returned to service with retrofitted technology thanks to Stewart Wolke’s contributions.