Information Share Creates New Water Filtration Techniques

DSC01616 kecil

Dr. Irina Majumdar works on her new water filtration technique.

Thanks to the efforts of the Estate Foundation in removing usage restrictions from a refining process used in Indian oil refineries, a new cost-effective water filtration process is being made available to use worldwide. The water filtration technique was created by Dr. Irina Majumdar, but later challenged by Ashok Oil Services who owned a patent on a similar technique for filtering oil through its refineries.

Dr. Majumdar came to the Estate Foundation for help in securing her own process. A deal was reached to avoid litigation and the process was modified to work only with substances that were 60% water and above. This removed Ashok Oil Service’s fears that the water filtration devices created by Dr. Majumdar’s team could be reverse engineered by other oil companies.



94695_9641The Estate Foundation has worked out a deal to act as a proxy for the manufacture of the filtration and testing devices and has begun work in distributing filters to non-profits throughout the world at cost of manufacture. One benefit of the Dr. Majumdar’s process is a new sensor unit that controls filtration and ensures the end product is free and clear of contamination.